by Deafhex

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Album released by Gunner Records May 10th, 2019.


released May 10, 2019

Music recorded, mixed & mastered by Roland Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei in summer/fall 2018. Vocals recorded by Elinor Lüdde.

Cover art by Manuela Kasemir. Logo by Besil Wrathbone.

Deafhex is Micha, Elinor and Jens.


all rights reserved



Deafhex Hamburg, Germany

Deafhex is a band. Deafhex is Elinor, Micha and Jens.

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Track Name: Wolf And Prey
a godless image
of a god unseen
eyes grown cold
with emptyness and apathy

hungry for blood
hungry for salvation

red words whispered
whispered in the dark
false prophets
speaking in forked tongues

you are both wolf and prey
both lamb and beast
Track Name: 144000
the faithful and discreet slave
guided by the holy spirit
always beyond all doubt
reigning with strength
banishing all sceptics
feeding the blinded with rotten spiritual food
proclaiming the only good news

annihilation and death
Track Name: The Serpent's Ego
i'll serve
what you don't need
i'll make you crave
I'll make you desire
more than your soul can take

all the gold in the world won't save you

I'll be everthing
everything you want me to
I'll let you starve
I'll never
never let you
regain control

the want for all
that i represent
will fill your blacked out mind

day by day
night after night
Track Name: Ascension
so who are you
and who am i
i've lost my path
or so you say

you'll burn in your own hell
you'll burn in hell

next to your god
you throne yourself
no need for a hell
for the other sheep

your kingdom will never come
your garden eden will never come
Track Name: The Tower
been meeting death
around every corner
that i turn

the tower
dark stairs
ascending into oblivion

trapped inside
i'm trapped within these walls

never reaching battlements
with every step that i take

the tower
dark stairs
descending into insanity

this tower shall not be my grave
Track Name: Davey Jones' Locker
an image before my eyes
i imagine
you are out there
weathering storms
far away
you've raised anchor
for a sailors life
calm seeing
salty eyes that know
every story
every harbour
a true master of your trades
in the midst
of a life before the mast
yet i know
about the power
beneath the sea
that pulled you under
a grey and green grave
a boy and the sea
a force far too great

no escape
no way out
Track Name: Nero's Dream
an insane master of destruction
a lord above all life
a vision too bright to see
we are heading for disaster

heading for disaster

our demise is at hand

an insane master of destruction
a lord above all life
a vision too bright to see

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